Laboratories and Analyses

Laboratories and Analyses


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Long term study of the FU - FREIE UNIVERSITÄT Berlin

Institut für Hygiene – Prof. Dr. med. H. Rüden
Projektleiter Dr. Ing. M. Möritz

Transcription in excerpts

Final report for the conducted research:

"Microbiology and applicable fields of drinking water filters“
MULTIPURE MP-750 SSCT - in December 1997 

Filter materials:

„No micro organisms could be detected on unused filter materials with the filtering method, neither with the mixing method." 

Long term experiments with eight test filters:

„Over a period of twice three months, the eight test filters and the tab water of the water intake have been tested for microbial quality, as well as human pathogenic bacteria, according to the limit and standard values of the German drinking water act."

„During the whole period of the analysis, the microbial quality of the filtrate complied to the limit and standard values of the German drinking water act. The additionally, to the German drinking water act, examined micro organisms (pseudomonads, legionella, further gram-negative bacteria and fungi) could not be proved."
„ … This result is 

assest as a very good one, since a lot of filter systems worsen then micro biological quality of the supplied water."